Monday, 7 April 2008

Harry's first show - video

What an exciting weekend, we’ve had, Saturday I got to train Harry at Club for the first time in 7 months apart from the week before where Lisa stood at the end of a line of 4 jumps and we sent him up and down that a couple of times! He was having fun and I was puffing like an old train! He doesn’t look like he has forgotten anything all thou his turns are rather wide to say the least! Lisa set a little course for us to do at the end, which if he hadn’t tried jumping a full height fence which just happened to be in his line, he would have got round!

Sunday at Carn Brea Show. We left home in the morning having walked the dog in Snow! We had that much on top of the hill where we live that it was crunching under our feet! It was the first time that Harry had seen snow and he was charging around and rolling in it (with a coat on) we got to the show 40 mins later to sunshine and no snow! This is Cornwall and has always had weird weather from one village to the next! Harry’s class was second in the ring after the medium, it was a 1-7 combined, it wasn’t easy for a first time course, hopefully I will suss out this video lark and be able to load it on later, we managed to get around, with some scary bad handling moments! and rather wide turns, but we where clear and came 6th! his steeple chase was a lovely course and just right, but I made the mistake of letting Harry play with the dogs in the queue, I set him up, he did jumps one and two and then turned round to go play with the dogs! My mistake, so when we eventually got back together he did a fab round. Ian videoed for me as it was Harry’s first show, so I will have something to remember it by - Ian doesn’t come to many of the shows now – car racing on the TV, land rover to weld up and normal stuff like that, so it was great to have his company. Club members did well this weekend too, Spot and Amy got round with just 10 faults, Horris and Petal had 4 clear rounds and places, Harry’s all time girlfriend Jem got a clear in any size (cant wait to see her doing big jumps) and lovely Shannon and naughty Diesel had fun also in the anysize not that Shannon thought so!!! Aly did some nice work with Sweep, Oh and Lisa and Toddy got a 2nd and 3rd, So it was worth getting out of a warm bed to go too after all!

.....and here he is doing the steeplechase, which we both loved as he was able to open up - speed wise!!!


Lorna said...

Well Done Harry he is very cute and really speeds round the course :)

Lorna and Cadbury x

Angela said...

..Thank you Lorna and Cadbury - who also is rather yummy!!