Friday, 8 July 2011

Photo's as promised!

Mindy with her posh harness made by Ruffwear
She really hates her photo being taken....

Yeah ha, she's using her bad leg to scratch her self!

one of Mindy's x-rays, unfortunately i didn't take any of her spine, as at the time we were under the impression she had broken her hip! and I think L2/3 are out of the shot...but not sure!

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Helen said...

Whoop! What a result Angela. So good to see her on the video and in the pictures. It is like she hadn't had an accident at all. Such good news for all of you. Yes, a lot of stuff to think about and do but with such a positive healthy outcome on the cards it'll fly by in no time. And what a brilliant forward thinking vet you have there. Worth moving down there just for that wasn't it?!
Thinking of you H and gang xx