Saturday, 25 June 2011

Forced weekend at home!

whilst packing up the caravan for a weekend away, I moved some agility equipment and my back said "No way", so spent the next what seemed like hours, crawling back up to the house on all fours!
Much to Sennen's delight who thought it was a new game of shaping "jumping on my back trick"
So a weekend at home, is meaning lots of pills, not being able to stand, sit or lie down for very long, hopefully be better by next weekend......feel a lot better this evening....Ian gets to watch his grand prix, although he is very good and wears his ear phones, so not to send me totally bonkers. I did manage to go with him for a little walk in the woods with the dogs and they dutifully came back completely muddy, so poor Ian had to do the washing and me the blasting with the dryer, all 5 of them, as you can see the "puffs" are keeping warm inside Ian's jumper and under a fleece...spoilt??

Oh and I forgot Harry's birthday on the 11th June, so took a photo of him in my duvet before we went to sleep, well it was his birthday, but all my facebook friends would have seen it........

Hate it when your minds willing, but your body isn't.......hope it's just short term.

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