Monday, 24 January 2011

Not sure whether you knew this!

But we went travelling BD (before dogs!) not long after we married, we packed the Landrover and off we went, it was only a couple of months away, to Morocco and back, through Spain, Portugal and France, great fun...oh the stories, I did write a diary, which was great fun to come across the other day, although in some bits I could hardly read my writing...I am so very bad, take after my DAD!

Here we are heading off towards the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

we stopped in Spain for a week on the way home, poor Ian hurt his back, so we managed to get him to the local vet who sorted him out??

and here's Ian washing his hair with the homemade shower, which warmed up whilst driving around in the sun!
Maybe this was the reason for why Ian started loosing it!

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