Sunday, 30 January 2011

Ladock Woods

I love wood walking, the wilder the better, I think the dogs love it too, although the poor "smalls" end up having to be de-tangled from brambles, pine needles, on various occasions and 90% of the time getting home and having to bath them, which adds another hour before we can sit down and have a cup of tea!!

Sennen I feel is old enough at nearly 4 months old, to start coming on more of the walks with us and to run free, I didn't let her off before, apart from the odd 10 mins, due to me really wanting my recall better and more importantly not wanting her to chase the others or worse still hurt herself running too much with the others, but I think she is big enough now and hopefully with the amount of winter woods walks that we all do, she will become more aware of what her big hares legs are doing, ducking and diving amongst the branches, tree stumps and uneven ground etc.........

So Sennen has had two free wood walks this weekend, her recalls where perfect, but I did have a pocket full of liver and she would have to not only return to me, sit have the lead put on walk a few paces and then allowed off again, unfortunately Ian didn't have that kind of success with her, you cant tell your Husband that he needs to have a more exciting voice and say Sennen with a bit more excitement, can you?
So he has had instructions to go down the garden with her and do some recalls.....yeah right!!

I have just realised it's almost Monday and Sennen has puppy class and I haven't done my homework, the Stand! boring! She has been great and loves everyone two and four legged.
We have had just one bad experience which I'm not sure how to sort out, she went through a door way at puppy class straight into the path of a barking shepherd, she didn't react badly, turned her head away and stood still, until I walked her out the door, but since then she has greeted two adult dogs by barking at them, luckily I have a few adult large dogs that come training up here, so she has got to meet them, lovely Jem, a black lab, who calmed Sennen right down, but told her she should not only shut up, but not use her front feet to bounce on faces!
and Sennen understood quickly, so that was just got to go out and about and meet the calmer adult dogs and hopefully sort that issue out.

So that's January 2011 almost over with, where the heck that went I've no idea!

Happy Birthday to Mum for Friday xx

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