Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year - 2011

Welcome to the New year, I hope all your dreams, hopes, wishes come true for you all!

I did have loads to tell you, but today don't have much enthusiasm to write much so it may just have to wait for another post, you never know I might get into the swing of it once I start typing.

Sennen Pup, grows before our eyes and now her hind legs are taller than Harry's this morning at nearly 12 weeks,but she has a long way to go to catch up with Buzz, Buzz looks even bigger in this photo!
We have found some new/different walks within 20 mins of here at long last, some clean, some not so clean, these photos where taken at the end of this mornings new clean walk!...Yes Sennen came too, stayed on her lead and carried part way.

Sennen will have been with us 4 weeks on Sunday, she has "not been what I expected", I was assuming as her Mum was a greyhound/whippet/lurcher and Dad I'm pretty sure was the white GSD, she would be calm and quiet, a nice blend to bring in with the two "hard to live with Collies" but she "ain't no wall flower" constantly biting, chewing, mouthing, jumping up at you! constantly wanting to do something whilst she is awake or she will find something you don't want her to do!
She runs along with her mouth open and what ever is at her height goes in, whether it be curtains, trousers, washing on the line, flannels, towels, plug sockets, loo brushes!, toy basket, books, fleece covers, especially the ones covering the sofa that the "Puffs" are sleeping on pulling them off the sofa (the puffs and the fleece) hands, hair, the list is endless, she will stalk you like a cat and when you least expect it she jumps on you, she charges from great distances to jump on you, she uses her front feet to paw at you, grab toys out your hand, we have even see her bite at Buzz's trousers as he ran past, she is that quick that if you, open a cupboard door and go to shut it, you hear her yelp as you have shut her head in it etc......

So as you can tell we have lots of work to do.
I seem to have spent the last 2 weeks saying "ouch, no, you bad arse give it back" I permanently have treats and a tuggy in all of my pockets (I have big pockets!)

What has she learnt........sit, down, starting to wait, tug for England, play ball, retrieve ball, stand on and in bowl, moving around the bowl is coming on better than the "Puffs" she is better clockwise to anti clock, she twists both ways, walk backwards and is learning to turn tight around the washing line, gives a paw, rolls over, heel work coming on nicely as most walks are out on her own. skateboarding, weave through my legs, most of these she can do in various places. She has been to Mole Valley farmers and met sliding door, manikin's and shopping trolleys, the wheels are great for biting, we don't do that any more, she has been to Pets at home, Asda, she has met, ponies/horses/donkeys/chicken/men/women/teenager's/ children yet, she is a little too bouncy for small ones ATM.

She has now been told off by everyone, stolen toys out of everyone mouths bar Red, but I am sure that wont be long, she uses the surprise tactic to do it!

She is great fun and both Ian and I, thank Nicky and Jackie for letting us have her, not that we wanted another dog, but I did want an ABC!!

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