Monday, 15 March 2010

...Should you wrap your "Smalls" up?

Yes I know it was a freak accident and could have been a lot worse....

Now the corner of the digger has a wheel barrow!

But should we wrap our dogs up, in cotton wool?
All mine go out on walks for a least an hour a day, woods, fields, beach and road walking (not all in the same day!) but they do get to run free and are allowed to chase each other and "sent hunt" (yes they come back when called) I do draw the line when they actually chase another animal, except rats, they can do what they like with them!

Harry and Mindy like to chase Birds, I'm usually quiet happy with them doing it around the garden (unless they are doing agility) as I felt it was a safe environment, until this past weekend, when Mindy chased a black bird, down in the bottom garden, she ran under the Disco, turned around came running back and miss jumped a pile of rubble/dirt and then somersaulted into the metal leg of the's above.

The screaming was dreadful, it must of been close on to a minute as I ran the 40-50 yards back up to the house, holding her tightly in my arms, which probably didn't help her!

Ian rushed out and took her from me, she didn't want me to hold her anymore and she must have thought I was inflicting the pain on her, when she had stopped screaming we where able to see that she hadn't cut anything, Ian put her on the floor and she fell over as her front leg was useless, we couldn't feel anything broken and she didn't flinch, so I stuffed her full of Arnica every 30 Min's and she stayed sleeping under Ian's coat on his lap, later on I was able to find a 10p size red bruise on her shoulder, no swelling and after about 3 hours, she was able to weight bere........

and although she is still slightly lame this morning, she is 110% better, we are just waiting to hear from Emma for an appointment.

Last year we ended up putting some bamboo poles in between the slats on the benches, because Mindy had caught her toes in them!

I hope she isn't going to turn out like Buzz, accident prone?

Do you remember Buzz on New Years Day, jumping off the top of this cliff!?
the tide was out and he landed on all fours in the sand!
SCARY times


Paula said...

Think they'd rather hurt themselves sometimes than not be able to do all the tings they do at the moment. Tom is oneof those dogs that will always be accident prone but I'd hate to restrict him

Hudsondoglets said...

God Angela, I only just caught up with this. I'm so sorry and glad that she is OK. It is scary and you just can't guard against everything.

Hope she continues to recover well.