Thursday, 7 May 2009

One Sold, One to Go!

Ian has sold his off roading 200tdi 90 landrover - all ready to go!
That is with a winch fitted, snorkel and diff guards, personally I think he sold it too cheap!
But it is sold and we are now back down to two vehicle's the Landrover Discovery which will be converted to off-road (winch, snorkel, diff guards to be added!) and the Mazda Bongo, which used to have dog cages in, but now is cleaned and re-seated back to a car.
I'm using the discovery as my dog car at the moment until we sell the Bongo and use the money for something smaller, the Bongo was great for long distance shows and sleeping in but with two older collies and two small dogs, it seems really a waste of space.

So here it is, just in case any of you want a different car.
Just email me and I'll send you details.

Agility wise, well I went to North Somerset Show, travelled up with a friend as I only had the boys to work.
The course's where lovely and flowy all day and a lovely change after Easters show weekend, even though they where fast and flowy I only manged to get around one with the Harry! the pairs with Chris and Nellie-which we won.
Harry was bitching and left the ring to go and play mmmmmm, so was picked up and carried back to his cage in the van, where I left him! Not sure how to work this one out, but I have been and bought "Ruff love" to see if I'm prepared to try something else, yes I know he is spoilt, it is so hard not too, he only has to look at me with those eyes and his big stand up ears and I'm his! I suppose at the end of the day I have to weigh up what I really really want from our relationship together ummmmmm
Lots to think about. Any help greatly appreciated.
Mind you, I am suprised he managed to do his other two runs as he escaped his crate and raided my zipped up ruck sac and eat 4 pieces of bread, cheese and cucumber (but he didn't like all the cucumber and let that drop down into Buzz's crate) and returned to his crate like nothing had happened, at least he managed to take the clingfilm off!

Buzz did an almost 99.9% perfect jumping round and I was over the moon with him especially as he let me do two "front crosses" and kept the poles up, we just had a big hesitation on jump two and I had to actually turn him around and face the jump again (I would have given me a 5r) but hey I'm not a judge, but a clear is a clear, we went into third place, but as we had such a long way to go home we left before the end of the class.
Must also say, thanks to another Friend who brought to the show 4 huge bags of plants to plant, which must have emptied their garden, I spent all day Tuesday planting and watering them, my shoulders where so soar with all the digging and bending down!

We have friends coming for the night on Friday, which should be fun.
and that is about it!

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