Friday, 8 May 2009

......I've been asked various people now, about how I feel running Harry in agility classes, whether I'm cross with him for leaving the ring etc!

To answer you all:

Yes, I feel cross and frustrated, not with Harry though, but with myself for not being able to find the answer to help us have fun together on an agility course.

Yes, I know he doesn't always go off to play with the girlie's 2-4 legged and sometimes we can put in some amazing rounds.

Yes, I know he is not a collie! (mind you not all collies die for agility either!)

But do you know what, everyone that meets him, See's that same sparkle in his eyes and the same huge ears and are smitten, just like me - you can't say that about a lot of dogs, people ask how he is and know his name before mine.

There are so many positives about our relationship, so why am I hung up on just one thing?

I feel, each dog that is given to us, is given for a reason.
and if Harry's is to make people smile, then Harry keep on making us all smile.

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