Thursday, 14 May 2009

...Just a few video's

Mindy is almost 13 months now, we've so much to learn together before she sets foot in a ring, but we are having a great journey along the way!

Here she is weave training, we are using the Susan Garrett 2 x 2 method with a twist from "Clean Run" magazine written by Mary Ellen, although I found using 3 upright poles great before, I've really enjoyed this method. Gradually I will bring the 2 lots of weaves together to make 12! .....and yes I am working around the clock ....and putting it in little courses ....and crossing in front, but I admit I havn't done much crossing behind, (must make a note of that!)

I've had to go back a few steps with "Crate Games" as poor Sue, nearly had kittens the other day when she went to take Mindy out of the car for a "Coat" fitting, apparently she was like a slippery eel and before she had the door open, she was gone along with Harry, who jumped over her head and ran down her back, of course Red wouldn't dream of leaving the car and stayed there! at least they only joined me in the middle of a teaching session of babies!
So all week, we've been car and crate training! Hopefully I can show Sue how to help them achieve this at the weekend!

Harry was great at the weekend and stayed in the ring, although I did cheat and take Red to "que" for him, whilst Sue had hold of him out the way, but he could still see us having fun, boy did he fly around that course! That's more like the Harry we know.

...and here's Mindy running A Frame, we eventually made our minds up, it's to be a running "A" Frame and a stop on the dogwalk!

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