Monday, 23 February 2009

Where has all the time gone?

....I can't quite believe a whole week has just past - it must be, because it's not raining, I've spent most of the time in the garden, weeding (well, getting rid of Ivy off the trees and pulling up brambles) Oh and moving a few extra plants around.

So what has happened apart from that, well, whilst cooking the Sunday roast and watching the rugby, I was trying to multi taste - make the gravy and watch the rugby, I picked up the saucepan and promptly dropped it, with boiling water all over the stove and my foot - ouchhhh, at least I had slippers on, whilst running it (the foot) under cold water in the bath, Ian was giving me updates on the rugby! anyway I now have a nice blister and a soar foot.

So Buzz feeling left out went badly lame on Wednesday - just walking down the garden, I checked his foot, leg and shoulder and couldn't see anything, so decided to wait until Thursday and if he wasn't any better a trip to vet it would have to be, Thursday came and he was still lame so I checked his foot again before phoning the vet and found a half inch blackthorn thorn! ouchh, it took ages of pulling at it, to get it out with tweezers and Buzz getting cross with me, poor man, anyway he was lame for a further few days, luckily the Arnica has helped with the bruising - well I think it did.
Anyway on the road walk this morning he looked good, so fingers crossed.

Whose's got a long tongue? Buzzy Boy

Then I burnt the Korma whilst bidding for a doggy blaster on EBay, but it was worth it, I got it, I had decided on the price including the postage that I was prepared to go to, so it took 3 weeks of bidding and watching, before I got it. It's a large hairdryer-I am getting fed up of all the washing and drying of towels, after long muddy walks with the dogs, hopefully it will help greatly when we loose the two rooms at the back, whilst we rebuild them, as the dogs would then be coming straight into the kitchen, just means they will hopefully dry quicker and the "Smalls" won't have so many knots in them from toweling each day - watch this space.

Agility wise:

Red - She is on full height and I'm just keeping her fit, I will start some turns and pull throughs etc, this week, so hopefully she will be okay for this season on full height. Fingers crossed.

Buzz - Nothing because he was lame, so he did some "nose" work, I hid his toy under a flower pot in various places around the garden and he had to go and find it - worked a treat!

Harry - "crate games" and lots of tugging, I have been taken him down the garden with Mindy or Red and he gets to sit in his cage whilst I work them and then he comes out - Flying, so I rush off and do the weaves, then a game of tug and he goes away again, he is starting to be more excited this way and I can get 20 mins of work out of him! (not just the weaves)

Mindy - She also has been doing crate games, mainly "your in, your out" and reminding her she has to sit when I put my hand on the cage (this all helps me with the Landrover Disco as they are all loose in the back of it and I don't want them all pushing and barging to get out - it works)

Oh yes, I put up some grid exercises, 3,3,4,5,5 paces on small and med, height for the large dogs apart from the 5 pace jump and that was full height, and I managed to find Granddads old tripod camera stand, so used this to video them! It was amazing to watch for me and a little sad, it showed me that Red can no longer bounce a 5 pace, how ever fast she went up the line, that's life, we don't all stay young mad teenager's?
Buzz on the other hand, on one session nearly jumped the 3's as one!

Harry on one of his session bounced the 5!, unfortunately that was the one I didn't get on video as it beeped that it had run out of batteries, his jump height's where on small and very small.
Mindy took a few poles (her poles where all on very small height) until she calmed down and worked it, by the end of her session she was bouncing the 3's and 4 and putting a two strides in for the 5.
The other exercise I put up, where all the same paces. This is from the book, A-Z jumping.

PS. this was over a week mind and not all in one session.
And Buzz only had one go, as he went lame the following day (thorn)

So here's Mindy session, I just sussed out how to make the video go slow, but it took too long to down load and I couldn't work out how to speed up the game playing and my large bum walking past sections, so I'd rather keep that for myself!

I was a bit twitchy with her waits in this video, as the day before she worked with Harry and my waits went out the window, so we have to work on that more.

And here's Harry and his first session, check out how far back he takes off for the 5 pace one.

I varied the heights and the paces for them all and changed which ones where on which height - if you get what I mean, the book did says to always have five jump though, so although you only see 3 in one section there are 5 - Promise.

Oh and we have moved the green house and spent most of this past Sunday putting it back up, unfortuantly we broke a couple of panes, so will have to wait untill we go past somewhere that we can either pick some glass up or replace with perspex, but at least it's out of Buzzy Bear way!

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