Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Meet Elvis!

Ha, Ha you thought I’d gone and got another!

Well this is a picture of what Elvis looks like, but it’s not really Elvis as, he is in Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay. http://www.bluereefaquarium.co.uk/newquay.htm

We weren’t allowed to take photos, hence this one I copied from somewhere!

You got to go and see him/her – actually he was a she for the first 5 years of her life and now is a “He”.
He is about 3 foot long, bluey green in colour with a large lump (which shows you, he has turned into a boy) on his head and he has, these most amazing eyes, that follow you around. He hangs around the bubble maker in the big tank, I think it massages him!
The species are called Grouper-like the sea bass, this type come from Thailand area and their lips are sought after as a delicacy (spelling)
He is amazing and most of our visit was spent hanging around with him! His eyes- wow

The Aquarium is near this little island, which was recently up for sale, but well out of our price range and anyway the garden wasn’t big enough!

Bet the view is great, but rather windy.

We went for a meal at our friends, Steve and Peta (another couple that have moved from Bristol down to Cornwall) it was Peta's birthday and they had just come back from doing the Blue Reef visit and raved about how much they had enjoyed it, which prompted us to go (thanks guys)
Anyway back to the meal, gosh Steve is really a good cook, yummy. Steve will be 60 this year, sorry Steve everyone now knows, Ian and Steve have the same interests, well one big one actually "Landrovers" and "off-roading", so they both get on well, Steve is on the home stretch having re-built a landrover, one day if he lets me I'll take a picture and pop it on here, for all you off-roading chaps (boys and girls!). It's fire engine red!
I did tell him, he wasn't allowed to put a tarts rope on the front, it seems to be, only the people who think they off-road that do this and you can spot them miles off, with a great big rope on the front of their 4 x 4, draped in a figure of 8 around the bull guard! ummmmm

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