Monday, 16 February 2009


(unfortuantly it's Lisa fault again!) Facebook Seems to be hitting the agility people by storm – personally I don’t know what all the fuss is about! He he
It has been nice to catch up with folks, who I don’t get to see, now that we are down here.
I have been in touch with my Cousins - abroad and they will vouch for me, that I’m a “pile of pants” at keeping in touch, so a quick Hiya has been cool!

But Boy, I do need to re-home “Socks” my Beardie, that I’ve adopted and have to feed and play with everyday, along with my real life ones!
Now I should have thought about this a bit more seriously, if I had really wanted another dog, perhaps I should have pinched Itsy from Bernadette!
So if anyone out there wants an "up and coming champion", who hates cucumbers, I will happily adopt her out to you, or she may need to go on an extended holiday or there's only one other option to delete her!
God did I just write that! I can’t delete her, so it will have to be a permanent holiday – if I can do that?

Project on the go:
I’m making an agility table for the “Smalls” just in case they are good enough to venture up country to some big shows, they seem to put the odd table in here and there, something else to teach them when it’s raining, which as you know has been a lot later, either that or snowing! The base is from an old table which we found here in one of the sheds, so I’ve just cut of the legs and putting a new top on it, well Ian cut the top out of some left over “Outside ply” which just happened to be the right size according to my sources, I managed to do two coats of undercoat on the top, if it’s dry tomorrow I may be able to put the top coat of “emerald” green, then I just got to cut the legs down and fix!

Buzz did his second, totally crazy thing this week, he ran into the green house and went through the glass! He didn’t have a cut on him – Amazing! I cut myself clearing up the glass.
If you watch the "Pit dogs in the snow video", you will see where it is in the first part of the garden, why the people before put it there I don’t know, it doesn’t get all day sun, if they had moved it another 5 foot down the garden it would have had lots of sun.
It was on our list of “things to do” Move the green house, well it’s just moved up to the top of the list now, but at the moment unless I bring all the plant into the kitchen and put them on the work surfaces there is now where else to put them, as it’s still too cold to just leave them out side. The plan was to move it into the second part of the garden, behind the sheds, where the eventual raised veggie beds will be. Just not enough dry hours in the day.

Ps. We moved it tonight before Tea!

I can’t believe Mindy will be 10 month in a few days time - that has flown past.
She is one heck of a fun dog to work and seems to take, all the playing and teaching you can give her, she still follows Red around which she hates, well Red does have Buzz doing the same thing! I caught her snuggled up to Red the other day, but by the time I had got the camera out Red had realised and moved away – My dogs don’t do cuddling except with us.

We have been for some lovely walks with the dogs, this weekend we went to Crantock Beach (left of Newquay) huge sandy car park and as long as you don't have anything taller than a Discovery (with out roof bars) you can get into the car park or you have to park up the road a bit on the grass car park. It is a huge beach, when the tide is out, but I would imagine in the summer it would be a little crazy with all the "Emits"

Pretty isn't it?

Look closely, you can see Buzz too! He tried to swim across to the buoy in the little boat house, on the other side of the estuary, you can just see it! Honest.

Ian clearing the sand out of Harry's eyes - aahhhh

Here is a little, long video of the mornings walk.

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