Tuesday, 5 August 2008

My "back in the old days, School" friend has arrived!

My School friend has arrived with her Husband and two boys - I say boys, one is taking their driving test next week! Where has the last 30 years gone? now that is scary!

They decided, they would bring all their camping gear! and Lottie the Jack Russell x Collie, no they aren't agility folk! Yes we do have friends that don't do agility.

I did offer them the caravan, that is in use too.
When I went down to see them this morning there they where in their "PJ's" cooking bacon butties!

It is great seeing them all.
They have gone down to St Ives, Tate gallery today as it's RAINING - again.

Good excuse not to train my contacts this week! Well the "A" frame. Mind you, Buzz would have to stop at the bottom, or he would be in the tents!

Happy Days.

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