Thursday, 14 August 2008

Barf Diet

It was Bone day today. last week I had asked for some Marrow Bones as lately we had just been getting meaty lamb ribs and a few shoulders and I wanted more bone! ............. especially as Mindy is starting to teeth and is chewing anything and everything, I caught her with her teeth around the wooden internal latch doors! All the others seemed to be okay with just bones when they where younger, but I did have a different butcher then and was able to get more leg bones of both Pork and lamb.

Mindy eats the tips of the chicken wings so fast that I'm now giving her some lamb rib bones, which thankfully is taking her longer.

Look at those ears, I think they might go "Up" after all, or maybe it is just because she is having more mouth/teeth exercises. Time will tell.


Marguerite said...

Angela, I have finally looked you up!!!

Angela said...

Welcome to you both from overseas!
Great seeing you!
Just got back from a very rainy, muddy week in Pembrokeshire (Wales)
Videos etc to follow! when the house doesn't look like a laundry shop!