Saturday, 23 August 2008

Harry pulled it off!

Here's one of Harrys wins in G4 agility at pembrokeshire, taking him into G5

and not to miss Buzzy Bear out, here is one of his fab jumping rounds! Well for Buzz and I it is! Go Buzz, Go. Maybe we can get it together after all, I did feel slightly sad watching Aly and Lisa running him over the past week and seeing how that, their extra leg length, helped drive him along! you had better turn the sound down as Ian is chatting to his mate Mike at the same time as videoing - multi tasking !!!!! note he managed to miss the pole going down - well I think it did!

and here is Mindy and her Dad enjoying the only day of SUN that we had all week!

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Char said...

Flippin eck go Harry, he's flying!!!