Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Freaky happy endings!

Love this picture! Tally and Holly trying to come home with Sennen and I, after a walk with Sue...

Many years ago we where walking in Priddy woods, near Bristol/Bath area.

I think Red was with us and Raggy baggy (who was another Collie that used to come and stay for 4 months of the year, every year whilst his Mum and Dad went on their Summer Holidays!)
Anyway we had been walking for a couple of hours and where just coming to the end of our walk, when we realized Cassie wasn’t with us…we called and called and quickly realized she wasn’t just going to turn up…we started back tracking, calling and about 10 mins of back tracking came across her just sat amongst the trees staring at us, we called her but she didn’t move, so we clambered through the under growth to find her sat next to a tree stump with her collar caught on a NAIL on a tree !

Thank god we found her, she didn’t bark or struggle……

Then this morning another freaky happy ending accident!

A thank god you where there moment!

I was in the bathroom, with the door shut, as all 5 dogs seem to want to be in there with you and it’s just too small and Buzz although he has a choice to be in the bathroom with us, has to be in the thick of it and he hates being confined and will fight, silly billy…
So I was in there with Mindy, with the door shut, when I heard Sennen being told off by Harry for being a pain (normal), added to the telling off noise I could hear a thud, thud noise, I opened the door (wished the camera had been nearer, because I doubt you would have believed me!) There was Sennen walking around with Ian walking boot attached to her “D” ring on her collar by the hook that you put the laces around! Swinging between her front legs, she thought it was cool and wasn’t panicking at all!

Bless them all, love them all...they make me laugh, thank GOD

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