Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Cor Blimey!

Went for a sort of "new" walk this week, I try and walk from home as much as possible, but as I am back to walking in two groups again, as Red was being a grumpy soul and I didn't want Sennen getting any ideas she could behave like that too!
So I usually walk from home to here, it takes about 25 mins to get to somewhere were they could be let off lead on this "Permissive path" area, Imerys had closed off my other walks and I never understood why, until I did this one, as you can see from the last photos they are getting closer to the A30 with their "Mining"
...View towards Mc Donalds...that's why the hill is called Hamburger hill!

But today I took all five and drove the first part...there's my wee Berlingo down on the left of the photo and looking over at the right you can see the footpath bridge which goes over the A30 and that's how I usually get to where the photo was taken..hope that makes home is over the bridge and turn right walk another 15 mins and your home!...

you can still see the bridge and the path that goes past the park homes and the hill on the right is where I used to walk until they kindly fenced it all off....
and there the mining, scarily close!

and now we are almost full circle of photos, so this is on the left of the A30 and looks like a Motocross site, right next too the Imerys Site! the road goes to Grandpound Road etc.....

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