Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sennens puppy class trick

I have struggled doing this trick with the "puffs", but at least I have one dog that can do it!

Sennen had her last Puppy class on Monday, she was fab and such a joy....I had decided a while ago that I wouldn't carry on with it, just not enough hours in the day and as the nights are getting lighter, we have so much still to do, but we started on Wednesday going out for a walk with adult dogs for various walks and this week we went to Ladock without her pack to socialise with 2 x GSD (Huge), 2 x Lurchers, 2 x springer, a lab and a long haired corgi!, she was great, having never met any of them before, the only ones she wasn't sure of were the GSD's, but hopefully next week she wont be such a wuss and relax....anyway after about 5 Min's she had wormed her way into the heart of the Corgi and off they went playing.......

All the dogs were defleaded and wormed, yesterday, so that's off the list of "to do's" but unfortunately poor Miss Mindy reacted to Drontal plus and was very sick, we were supposed to be going training and it took me a little while to suss that what it must have been, so we stayed at home.....

Anyway she's better today....phew.

The ground is so waterlogged here, although I have managed to train the smalls, the big dogs can wait a little bit longer as I've not entered any shows until Easter, Buzz is winding down to retirement and I am amazed he has made it to 9 years old, still competing and looking good in a round about way, that only Buzz can do!...Nick fancies doing his last few runs so that's me off the hook.....then he can stay at home with Red (although if she is fit enough I will enter her into the odd local anysize)

And now we "sit on the computer" waiting for shows to come up and madly sending entries off, hoping to be one of the few lucky ones that gets camping, especially as this year will be my last at doing the far away ones, it's been great having Aly to car share, fuel share, food share etc. We get on so well and she knows me better than myself I think sometimes, she has a great sense of humour and she can cook...perfect, but next year, Nick will have his Harrjak pup out and will be wanting to go with Aly, and we all cant fit in my Berlingo!......but it's been fun and I cant thank Aly enough for putting up with me and the "Puffs"

Mind you if there is any one out there, that thinks they can fill Aly's shoes, I'll think about it!
just send me a message....

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