Monday, 14 February 2011

"Love Filled Day" to you all....

Buzz doing what he always does watching Red..
We used to have a clean back door, but since Sennen arrived!
She learnt how to open doors in the first few days of being here!
and now I never have a clean back door.......
The "Smalls" have been to hairdressers today...Mindy went short, which was a real shock to me, I do love her long locks but I really struggled keeping them knot free!

Sennen practising her back end awareness, along scaffolding pipes, she really wants to get into next door, think we will have to re-fence this bit this year! actually this picture makes her look all flat on her left side, but she was just about to spring up onto the bank !

Five of my Loves!
the other ones at work!

Hug them all tight...
I'm really missing Cassie today.


Jaggerfan1 said...

Aww, those dogs are so cute! I eish I could get a dog. If I ever get one, it's going to be an English bulldog. I love their adorable little faces.

Dani said...

Lovely haircuts!! We all miss our past dogs too dont we? Wish they lived longer xx