Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wordless Moony Wednesday!

Mrs Woo, tucking into a marrow bone.
Well from the heading you might have guessed what happened to Buzz and Nick on Sunday!!!
Yes they got a clear round and came 3rd! on a great course 5-7 graded jumping class with a wicked weave entry which was the only thing that didn't run smoothly for them both, Buzz did a spin or two!....Mind you when we walked it Nick and I where laughing too much and wondering where Buzz would take Nick out and I was wondering whether it was worth Nick running it at all!.......So you see, you can never tell what course Buzz will get around, that's why he's so hard to run!
So of course Nick had to do a MOONY...ugh. We are just hoping that's it now and he doesn't have anything install for the next one!

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