Monday, 10 May 2010

Show time!

...Tunbridge wells via Exeter to see the lovely Marmite, well not just him but the rest of Harrjak recent litter what a lovely even bunch apart from that there where 4 boys and 1 girl
Marmite's still available!!!! He is my pick of the litter...... and if I followed my heart he would be coming here.....I'd be over the moon if he where to go to a working home in Cornwall! (just so I could cuddle him)

I took loads of photos for Aly to show Nick (that's the Nick that runs "Our Big Boy Buzzy")
and I didn't take any of Marmite, so you will have to look at Michelle site, to see him or visit her live stream at your soon work out which ones Marmite.....

But Michelle if you cant find a home by the time they all go to theirs, then your very welcome to drop him on my doorstep, then I couldn't say no!

anyway back to "Agility" we had a great time apart from the cold, wet weather, which you notice rather a lot when your in a tent, it's meant to be summer!....Saturday I groomed for Aly, as there wasn't any runs for the smalls, couldn't even do "any size" as that was just for the "Others" any way it was great fun being back in a big dog queue and I managed to record all 3 of her runs. Lots for Aly to see and work on.

Sunday was slightly warmer and no rain....... Harry was fab, even though we had two E's and a 4th in the Crufts event, I'm struggling with his new found speed, but boy is it fun!

Manic Mindy was just that, Manic, we still haven't mastered the start line, but we are working on it, she actually broke her wait in the Olympia 1-7 run, so there was no hope! but we made it fun and her attitude makes a lot of people laugh and myself once I've caught her!
anyway she had a jumping run left to do, she had the sniffy's before we started, but I managed to get her to play with me and suddenly I became extremely nervous, she was off slowly through the weaves and turning right into the tunnel, she came flying out of the tunnel growling at me, which put me off as I couldn't work out whether it was because I wasn't telling her quick enough what was next, or I wasn't running fast enough!

but either way, it fazed me!

as you can see we lost a lot of time but hey we still ended up 3rd!

Here are two of Harry's run.......

Thanks Aly for videoing and being my groom and fun camping partner and serves you right that you where so cold at night, I did offer you a "puff" to sleep with, they are great hot water bottles!


Hudsondoglets said...

When ever is it going to warm up! Nice to see you albeit very briefly. You are not alone with broken start lines LOL!

Angela said...

Nice seeing you too.....I've worked really hard on those pesky waits and she really pushes the boundaries! although sometimes it's because the dogs behind get a little too close and she can't cope...or I think it is!