Sunday, 18 October 2009

No time to be nervous.....

Before we knew it, Mindy and I where heading up the M5 to our first independent agility show, what a day! 4 runs two jumping and two agility, it was a very well run show, well done "M" and co..........and before you ask, No we didn't manage to win any, we had entered NFC so I could run in G1/G2 classes and take a toy in with me.......

Round one - jumping, she was a pain to Que, I had to ask a few people just to give her a bit of room, rather than letting their dogs sniff her bum, doesn't matter what grade your in Queing always seems to mean keep as close as you can to the next person/dog in the Que! I had decided to use a slip lead so I could exit the ring quickly when fished rather than struggling with putting on her halti, but she seemed to spend most of the time coughing and sputtering with it pressing on her throat. Anyway back to the round! 3,2,1 okay and we are off at a very "un Mindy like" speed, she was very calm, I would say she was slow for Mindy, but hey it was the first time that she has run or worked indoors, it was a nice round with just the first pole down (she took off from where she was sat!) so I threw the toy over the finish line (last jump) and off she went shaking or showing everyone her toy, I'd like to say it was a lap of honour!

Round two - jumping, went back to halti, much calmer to Que, managed to do lots of trick and waits whilst waiting our turn. Set her up, took halti off, started my count down and she was gone chasing the barking manic collie in the other ring...luckily the barrier fence was up, managed to call her back and start the course, much faster and focused (Surprisingly)

Round three - agility, not sure what really happened, but I'm pretty sure it was my handling, she bailed out of the dog walk, but was fine the second time, then went under a few jumps when they where on the turn, it might have been she was going so fast! or it was just my handling, then unfortunately she got spooked by the lovely young lad handing you the leads at the end, he wasn't much taller than Mindy, but ran across to hand me the lead, scary........

Round four - agility, she was still "up for it" Harry would have wanted his bed by now.
Much much better, did the dog walk at warp speed and I had a head start too, she still beat me to the end..... I really wanted a stop, with a quick release this time, Mindy had a different idea and thought I really aught to be teaching her a running DW, it was beautiful one, and before I could say anything she was in the tunnel turned the corner and in the weaves, and I wasn't going to pull her out the weaves, so we carried on, she went under the middle jump in a fan, Angie said, I just dropped my arm (getting ready to do the front cross and send her up the "A" frame), rest was perfect, except the last jump (I didn't want her doing a lap of honour with her toy, so had elected to have a tug with her at the end, so she just turned back to see me...note to myself more go-on work required.)

Halti = headcollar.

Home by 2.30!

She so reminds me of Red! How cool is that.

lets hope we can get a few more shows in before she's in season!

The Picture at the top, is just to keep those "family and friends" that aren't into agility, up to date with how the driveway is coming along!!

Oh and for some reason people don't believe me when I say Mindy was a different colour when she was a pup!

12 weeks-ish

4 months

6 months

11 months

and now she just "Blonde"

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