Friday, 9 October 2009

House work!

...Now that I'm not off at the weekends!
I can help Ian with the "House Work", the "to do" job list seems never ending, especially when your doing it yourself.....or rather Ian is, there's always loads for Ian to do! Poor chap, I just supply the tea and sandwiches and "verbal"...Well he did say I could get on the roof and clean it ready for waterproofing, but when I phoned him to ask where he wanted to put the stuff from the roof....he panicked a little thinking of me wondering around on the roof....he didn't believe I would even go up the ladder, let alone work on the roof! So he never says "you could do that for me" anymore.

So I continue chopping and pruning! taking cuttings from the garden and potting them up in the green house, now that's another story...I'm not a gardener but I love plants, haven't a clue what I'm doing, I just take cuttings and stick them in a small pot and if they grow I repeat the process! I've managed to bring on some of the most famous "Cornish Weeds" you ever did see! and some really useful ever green flowering things, which for the life of me I can't remember the name..........

Ian managed to buy some thick, sticky, stuff from Wickes to put on the lounge roof, last chance fix it/bodge it, we really don't want to replace it just yet, until the utility has been knocked down and rebuilt then, that roof along with the kitchen and lounge can been done at the same day! they are flat ones....

I did tell you all, we lived in a large shed/small bungalow didn't I? The lounge window started to leak along with the ceiling back in the last heavy rains and I was sat with mop and bucket/bowls/towels under the various places! the dogs thought it was great and kept licking the water up from the bowls! yuck. Anyway the thick, sticky, stuff has worked for now! So on to the drive, I'm sure Ian decided to do that job first, so he could have a bit of light relief playing with another toy (Oh, he does get really cross with me calling them "Ian's toys" ..."they aren't toys, they are machines to do the job, so we don't have to pay anyone else to do it Angela!")
I suppose if someone had bought this place with a bit more money than we have, they would have knocked it down and started again, but hey, they didn't and we did! Mind you we bought it for the land, not the "Shed".

...So the drive way is being done. There was parking for one and Ian had been parking outside on the verge, so the front garden will now be gravelled for two cars, although there is a garage, none of our cars will fit in it (not tall enough)

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