Wednesday, 16 September 2009

.....Tamsin has a go!

........I remember the first time I ran a small dog a beautiful "Sheltie" called Pearl, I think really underneath it all she started my love affair with the breed, she was "full of it" what ever "It" was, she was fast and noisy. I will always be thank full to Dave for letting me run her (at club)

Which got me thinking that everyone should have the opportunity to run both small/big dogs you can learn such a lot from both sides......... Honest!

So I challenged Tamsin (who runs a very fast small terror! called Albert) to run Red in a jumping class, I picked a nice 6/7 class and this is the end result, they both did well I think, I couldn't quiet see what went on in the box, but I think they may have collided! Red did test Tamsin in not waiting at the start, but Tamsin hasn't got a good wait with Albert either and Red knew she didn't mean it! But they both came out the ring smiling.


Hudsondoglets said...

Pretty damn good together! Red and Tamsin 10/10; video camera um, maybe 3/10 but nice try!

Angela said...

...this is where we need some "Smiley" captions!
Will try harder Nancy