Thursday, 17 September 2009

...and here's the last of the video's!

It's Harry "V" Harry in a jump off.

The timing failed after his first run, so Dave Hutchinson challenged me to run it "IHO" the faster/shorter way (although he didn't try it with his Ozzy-who was winning it!)......and as I had nothing to gain from not having ago, I gave it a go! hummmm

Although I can see the bit in the middle was a shorter route, I had to nag Harry to turn him round me and come through the gap, he just seemed to spend a lot of time stationary in the air, (or that is what it felt like) then of course I wasn't in the right position (IMO) for the next bit, I hate nagging my buddy...........

So guys you tell me which you think was the better way? Maybe I just need more practise at these twister courses?

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