Saturday, 22 August 2009

Handsome Harry Goes 7!

Poor Harry doesn't look impressed with standing on the bonnet......but it had to be done, as that was the lest muddy place to have his photo taken with his "Door stops!"

We've been to this show for 8 years now and the last two have been really really wet! will we go next course!
Especially if Titan is there again.

We treat Pembroke as a week's holiday (so we have three days of the show and then a rest either side of that!) the weather was great to begin with, lots of beach walks and lying around chilling, answering the Chocoholic quizzes etc. until Wednesday, when it started to rain! the rings weren't as badly affected as last year, but they where in places still very wet.
In between the rings, the mud was like soup, so you can imagine what state the dogs where in by the end of Thursday.

Nick and Aly ran Buzzy over the week, he does enjoy it! a little bit worrying though, as it looks like they are getting closer to that clear round! Aly also ran Red in one jumping class as I didn't have time to walk it and as she had walked it with Nick, it seemed the most logical answer, Red was naughty and broke her wait, which resulted in a dropped pole, but hey they both came out of the ring smiling!
Red and I had some cracking clear rounds, but as the classes where so small they only placed to 1st and sometimes 2nd, so we just came away with lovely memories........She not as fast as these youngsters.

Harry had a fab week, he worked well, I was able to leave him on a few occasions to do the weaves etc, he came away with 2 x 1st and 2 x 2nds and a clear round in the pairs, but my poor pairs partner was having "a Moment". Our best run of the weekend was on the last day in an 1-7 combined agility class, it was a well thought out course considering the conditions and the puddles lying around the course, I ended up doing two blind turns rather than front crosses, so I could avoid the worst of the ground condition and keep moving forward, but I still slipped as Harry was charging up the "A" frame and as I must of "squealed" with the shock of slipping I frightened Harry and he spun around on the top of the A frame, by which time I had regained my feet and ran forward, which helped Harry come down, but I must have dropped my arm to my side and pulled him towards me rather than send him in the tunnel, so as we where still moving I kept going and finished the course, but it was a great round. (apart from that!!)
So now he is Grade 7.

Anyway we have been home almost a day and the washing machine and dryer haven't stopped!
We have to get the caravan cleaned out as we have visitors staying in it in September, otherwise I would have taken my time! we walked the dogs on the beach this morning which washed away all of their "Welsh" mud!
So we are almost Clean and dry.
Except it's raining here now and the grass is far too long and needs cutting ready for lessons next week........ Oh well.

PS. For those friends and family that haven't a clue, what I'm talking about (Harry going G 7) don't worry, it just means he is a fab agility dog and can now compete at championship level if I so wish too! .....but we all know he is a fab chap, doing agility or not.

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