Monday, 10 August 2009

Cornwall in the sun!

................No agility this weekend, so on Friday, we went to Padstow to watch the sun set and have tea!

...........Then as Ian had spent far to long, sorting the Discovery out ready for our holiday and finishing doing what he had to do with our really old caravan!

We thought we would go to Tregory Heavy horse show!

Where I found, a lovely coloured, Morris Minor, believe it or not this was it's original colour
...made for me! it's a lilicy/pinky/purpley colour!

....Oh and here's one of the Shires getting ready for it's appearance in the main ring.

.......Of course what Heavy Horse show doesn't have a "Sheep Dog demonstration"!

He had brought some of his family with him, couldn't hear what his name was, but he worked two collies together around a ring with some very flighty tall sheep!
"No ducks", I hear you say. That's right No Ducks.

Thought this was a great photo, he had seven in the back of this landrover and at one point they all stood up on the back tail gate....but of course I couldn't get the camera out in time for that shot! The youngest was a 4 month old, up to the oldest a 10 year old.

Made a great picture.

Have a great week, Family and Friends.

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