Friday, 17 April 2009

Happy Birthday, Buzzy boy

Buzz is 7 years young on Saturday.

Here he is on the day we bought him home at 7 weeks old, we should have realised then he was going to be a very big boy!

Stood next to Ian, he is almost up to his knee.

......and here he is at 3 months old, yes 3 months old!
We where able to walk around the rings - no one asked how old he was, as he looked 6 months old then!
He was taller than Red at 20 inches and heading upwards towards Cassie.

We ended up having him measured for a laugh, at the world championship Qualifiers at Rugby one year (Red and I where having a go.)
They had a proper measure stick, rather than a hoop and he came in at, just under 25 inches!

.....Bless him.

Thank you Buzz, for showing me how to be patient and for bringing me back down to earth - in the nicest possible way, of course !!!!!!!

Thank you Buzz, for showing me that not all collies want to make it to the dizzy heights of Advanced and are just as happy playing a game of ball or hide and seek in the long grass.

Thank you Buzz - for being My Friend.

Ps. Daddy Rogers says he's taking you and the others for a nice long walk on the beach tomorrow - your favourite place. xxxx

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