Saturday, 14 March 2009

....Which way's North!

.......This is bit of a long story, but when Ian and I got married 14 years ago, Dad for our first married Christmas together, bought us (well, really Ian) a weather vane, he knew Ian well, as it had to be a Duck!

Well unfortunately we couldn't put it up at our other house as the roof was too steep and you would have needed a "Cherry Picker" to get you up there!

So it has been packed away in the loft for 14 years, until today. We put it up on the sheds roofs, so we can see it from the house and the duck is named after Dad "Sam".

I'm sure if Dad had been alive he would have approved of it's location.

Here is a photo of Ian just finishing putting it up on the shed tonight and just making sure where North is, with his compass

So if you guys hear me saying "which way is Sam facing" you'll understand

You will have to wait to see the finished Duck "Sam" in it's position tomorrow as it's too dark now, to take a photo

Night, Night.

...and here is Sam!

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