Monday, 30 March 2009

Showing Harry!

...No not that kind of showing, we all know he is the best looking boy around and doesn't need a ribbon to show us!

I've been trying to help Harry turn tighter and show him it can be fun being near me!
I did such a lot of "go-on" work when he was younger, that now I'm struggling to turn him, it's a bit like turning the QE2! So after watching lots of people teaching their dogs to turn and talking to friends, I thought I would give it a go and try some of exercises.

I have been a little afraid, as I didn't know whether he actually couldn't turn tight, after his injury, or it hurts to turn tight, or whether it was a remembered hurt etc.??

I'm still none the wiser, having done the exercises, although I know he can turn tighter at slower speeds and when I'm in his face, but when he gets a bit of speed up and distance, he then goes back to struggling to turn, he seems to be drawn by the other equipment around him, anyway after doing these exercises and others, he doesn't seem to be any sorer on that shoulder, so maybe I just have to stop "babying" him, Yes I know, he is very spoilt and I'm sure I will be told this on Thursday when I have my first private lesson in nearly 2 years! I will tell you all about it when I get back, but here is a clue - it's someone very well known and I have had to save up all my pennies to go and I'm really excited although very, very nervous too.

But I think guys, if you had seen how poorly he was with his shoulder, when he was first diagnosed-you softies out there, would be saying the same? I THINK.

Harry is one of the guys, you would roll over for!

Anyway here is the video of us playing together.