Monday, 13 October 2008

Three wise Monkeys!

...We have been so busy!

The Sun has appeared, which means it has been dry!!!! So we have been trying to get the sheds finished before the rain starts again.........

I think ,I'm eating and sleeping sheds!

I have been able to take the dogs on some really nice long walks, well not that long as Mindy is not 6 months yet, but we have managed to do 45 Min's in what I call "real" woods, in other wards woods, that you have to make your own paths through, which is great for their "body" awareness and mine!

Ian came dog walking at the weekend, which was great, we walked on Goss Moor, glad he came with us as on the way home we saw a Rotavator for sale on the side of the road, so we did a swap with the lawn mower that didn't work (we did tell him, but as he was a lawn mower repair man, he felt he could fix it - good luck!) and gave him £30.

Here's Roger the Rotavator!

....and Ian in the back ground doing what he loves best "Welding" - working with Metal.

Ian is making a bin, to burn all our rubbish, branches/twigs and paperwork, we did have an old 45 gallon drum but that collapsed last weekend - too much use.

Went to Mums for a couple of days in the week, which was great and I think she enjoyed our visit, I was a little bit worried, as the last time I went naughty Red cornered her 17 year old cat and gave her a bit of a hammering, although I heard the commotion and yelled, Red did stop straight away, the cat ran off and wasn't seen for a week! ..........we wont be having a cat whilst Red is alive, about a month ago I had to retrieve one that she had chased up one of our trees, I noticed it up the tree, kept the dogs out of that area of the garden, but by the afternoon it was still there, so I had to climb up and bring it back down to the ground, and off it went, funny how I don't see the same cat twice!

Anyway Mum took some lovely photos of the dogs, for this years Christmas card (she is very clever with computers and cameras, my Mum!) and I took a few whilst on a walk around her woods. This is mine! ......I'll show you Mums, when she emails them to me.

Buzz just has to watch Red.

Anyway better go, it's not raining and the old shed needs to be dismantled!

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