Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Mindy was 5 months yesterday!

Well I gave my 50th pint of blood, which personally is an achievement, as I don’t like needles! I got a badge and a nice pen thou! For my 75th pint (if I make it that far) they take you and your partner out for a meal.

The washing machine decided after 18 month of use and out of its warranty to shear a few bolts and send the concert block thingy through the side of the machine! So we bought another one, after which, one of my dearly beloved friends tells me of a very good site to get them from and she had just bought one delivered to her house for £80 Check it out she says, decide what you want, don’t bid on the first few pages and work your way back a few pages and find what your after and put a bid in. Anyway it was too late for us, we bought it from John Lewis on line. Luckily we’ve had a few days of lovely sun to catch up on all the washing and drying.

Agility wise

Well we’ve won some and lost some!
Harry did some amazing runs and then the sun came out and he just plodded around! Well I assuming it was because it was so hot, I have taken him to the chiropractor and been given the all clear. Yes I know he is breed as a “Lap Dog” and not a working breed, so you can’t just go out and train…train. I am used to that with big Buzz. So anyway he is having two weeks off, from agility and just focus on playing together and learning some new tricks. Lifting diagonal legs!

Buzz, we are still waiting for our fourth clear round of the year.

Red seems okay if I get her warmed up before hand, but on the evening time she doesn’t look so good, mind you it doesn’t matter if she has done some agility or been for a long walk, she still struggles to get up from the floor/her bed.

Mindy has just had her 5th month birthday! and has been attending obedience classes on a Thursday, ummmmmm she struggles with dogs looking at her, especially Boxers and barks at them, but if I can keep her focused on me, then she is great! She also goes up to Roseland for a social on a Saturday and gets to walk around the field with various dogs of all ages, which is fab. Here she is showing of her skateboarding skills, still needs improvement, but this is only her second attempt.

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