Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Dog's Update

Well, Red and her Cartrophen! She is so bad tempered!
Maybe she is just feeling “so” good. I have had to restrict part of her exercise at the moment as, usually they can have run of all the gardens, as and when they want, but because she has been guarding all entrances and galloping along the footpath at the side of the property telling people with and without dogs that they are on her land and “get off”, I’ve shut two of the gates so she can only stay up by the house with us, she normally wants to stay with us all, but since Monday well!
I’ve spoken to a few people who’s dogs are on this and they have only noticed that the dogs are feeling more comfortable, getting up easier, want to play more, none have mentioned temperament changes. Red likes to be different.
Well, agility wise I trained her for the first time for over a week yesterday and haven’t noticed any difference yet, she kept all the poles up and grabed her toy at the end, she still has been stiff at night but that might be because she has been more active! So on too her second injection next Monday. She is learning the “Elephant” trick which for her has been more enjoyable than sticking her front feet in the washing up bowl (what is the point of all this - just a different experience for her!)

Buzz, has had his second day of Metacam, as recommended by the vets to see if that helps his blue tongue issue! Tricks wise, He is still struggling at putting his feet in the washing up bowl and there’s no way I’d ever show him how to do the “Elephant” trick, he is too tall, I would need to be stood on a couple of yellow pages, unless of course I’m teaching him the wrong way!
If you aren’t sure what the elephant trick is check out the Obay sheltie blog on my links or go to Utube and put in “elephant trick” I’m sure they will all come up.
He is great at waving thou and can even wave when he is in the down position, Bless him.

Harry can crawl now, but just following a titbit, I’m not going to do too much on that with his shoulder injury – just in case it hurts him, so we a proofing “the Bow” and a small amount of walking around on his hind legs, which he finds easy as that’s how he get to see further! He can put all of himself in the washing up bowl!
He has been a bad boy this week and taught Red how to jump on the dinning room table, I came home today from just being out for 15 mins, walked down to the garage for the paper and loaf of bread, to return to find her stood on the table with Harry! Ummmm Bad dogs.

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