Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Barn - reconstruction!

Well we had to just do it, in the end!
You just get so far and just have to go the whole hog, the landrover came in to use, to give the last pull! and down it came.
I think the only thing holding it up, was the tin! none of the wood could be saved as it had rather a lot of wood worm! so roll on bonfire night! But we have been able to save all the tin sheets bar one, so that was good, this will re-roof the new one.

The new shed will be taller, so Ian can put the Landrover and Bongo in it to work on, and wider so I can put all the contact equipment in it in the winter - just in case!

Here is the start of the new one!

So if we don't answer the phone for a little while, you know where we are! "Down the Shed/barn"

We might have to move Harry's Hot tub, so it can have some sun to warm it up! or Ian will have to hurry up and fit Elaine's old wood burner to warm it up!

I'm looking forward to seeing our beginner dogs at training tonight, just hope they have been doing their "homework"- ummm we will see.

Oh yes, I've started to teach Harry some different things, it's the "crawl" this week! Buzz is learning to put his feet in the washing up bowl! we have so far managed his front feet. Red on the other hand just thinks this is far to boring and where's the agility equipment! but that is Red.

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