Sunday, 17 April 2011

Short and Sweet!

It's been a busy few weeks, Sennen been to Truro Market again, such a good girl watching the world go by, we stocked up on yummy cheese and veg pasties and I bought these tins to put some flowers in or.....I just felt I needed to bring them home, so colourful, yes I know they will rust, but they will give me lots of pleasure watching thing grow in them..... Ian,s bought another Disco off eBay, he wants the engine and gear box to go in his Discovery.....More work. Sennen has her own hot tub to play in...from Argos, I do have the other half if anyone wants it for a small donation! Harry's Hot Tub, filled up and ready to use, well actually it has been in use quite a lot lately, even Sennen has been in, she cant swim well at the moment just a lot of's down in the agility garden so anyone that pops over for a session can play in it too..... I clipped Harry coat short or rather I tried to, but I couldn't get the clippers to cut, so I had to use the scissors, so didn't go to close in case I cut him....Helen tells me, I should have used thinning scissors, maybe tomorrow I'll have another go. Mindy been and had her eyes tested and got the all clear, so as soon as she comes into season she be off to see Cookie.....Scary!

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