Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Just a quick catch up!

Look what arrived in my inbox...two days later!

Ian took me out for a bite to eat last night....not unusual, but for Ian to have a pudding/sweet is.

I think he is stocking up on his reserves, as he goes away on Thursday to help marshall at the Grand Prix at Silverstone!

I did have a photo of this "ultimate SHARING sundae" which he ordered all for himself, before he started on it, but for some reason I cant send it too my computer...Phones!

and for the agility folk.........a few, well actually two video's, one of old lady Red running in any size at Lansdown and Mindy beating her stable mate Harry, in 5-7 Jumping! Bless her she struggled to do the seesaw again, but that's another story!

and Mindy's

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