Monday, 23 November 2009

Wild Wet Weather.....

Busy Weekend!

Well thankfully we haven't lost the roof of the bungalow, just a sheet has been blown off the "garden " shed, unfortunately the sit on mower was under that sheet........
it's too wild out there to fix it, but we did manage to get another sheet ready, after taking a trailer full of rubbish to the recycling tip and picking up a second hand leather sofa!
well we where making do with a old cane chair to sit on (that came with the bungalow), but for some reason "Someone" was slowing eating through it....not sure who, as we never caught anyone doing it!

We even managed to do a bit of Christmas shopping on Saturday!

Oh and the bird feeder decided to fly down the garden, another job for Ian!

About two months ago, whilst surfing EBay, I came across , one of these, a "Snugglepad" and I thought I'd give it ago in Harry's bed at shows, to keep him warm, you pop it in the microwave for 6 Min's (depends on your wattage of your microwave) and it lasts for 10 hours, I do put another blanket over the top as it's quiet hard to sit on and you know how Harry likes his comforts!

Any way it's that good, I just bought one for Mindy for her bed too, at winter shows and training they can sit around a long time cooling down!'s the wet that gets them cold. The "Puffs" seem to take a long time to dry, I also now have a dog blaster at home, which is the best £90 I've spent for a long time (another buy of EBay)
How long they "snugglepad"will last, I don't know and I don't know how it works, but it does and yes 11 hours later they are still warm and so is Harry......and as Mindy hates wearing coats, I might not have to fight with her putting one on...we will have just to wait and see....

We are still on the look out for another caravan, as ours has been sold. We want something a little bit different to the other one, we want it to be able to sleep 4/5, bedroom at back as well as front, single axle. 1998 upwards.........

We had a local agility match, three jumping runs, good training, 1-2, 3-4, 5-7 well thought off , except the small and mediums had to compete against the large with one set of results!
I couldn't get Harry around any of the courses! Lots of Silly mistakes by me...he has gone up another gear, which I love, except I'm not sure how to handle him! ...... and now that Mindy is doing courses too I'm a little confused what's happening, I cant quiet relax with her as not sure whether she going to go on the chase, luckily I've got all winter to hopefully get things settled and learn how to work them both!

I do have some video's off their runs, but still struggling with me computer and waiting for the lovely Ben to come and add "this and that" , so I can have a movie maker back!

Mindy enjoyed her self! she did a couple of wide turns, whilst she was debating whether to go and chase - well that's my excuse, but Graham P said it was my handling of the front crosses, I should do more because I hate them and feel disorientated when I turn back the way I should be going! So I know Graham was right!

Well I suppose I had better stop now and go and do a bit of house cleaning...what else can you do when it's wet and windy outside, the dogs are resting after their wet walk and are happily eat their bones (in the house)


Hudsondoglets said...

Glad to hear not too much damage for you, this weather has been awful. Those little heat pads are brilliant. I've had mine for a long time and it still works well. I use it for Poppy if she has to be in the car for any length of time. You'll think you're reborn with the blaster. They are worth their weight in gold!

Angela said...

I showed Ian your out side doggy that's his next job!

I think he'll need to meet you soon...coz he is getting feb up of me saying Nancy has this and that!
"Who's Nancy" "Nancy on the blog"
mind you now he just say's "Nancy I assume!" ha ha

Hudsondoglets said...

Gosh poor Ian, I feel partly responsbile now for his ever-growing to-do list! Would be lovely to meet up some time. We must make sure that happens in 2010!