Thursday, 16 July 2009

...It's Raining again

....As it's raining today, I thought I'd catch up with the blog! We've been on holiday this week, the dogs have had lots of exercise and not much agility, do they mind, I don't think so!

Yesterday, I took the plunge and jumped on the "Zip" wire at The Quarry, near it was great and the view was amazing and to prove it (because no one believes me!) here is the video and a picture!
You can see the Zip wire landing area on the far right hand side, on the far left hand side there is a grass track for the hoover craft training, before people get allowed on the Quarry!

Well worth the money!

In between the rain showers we have managed to cut the grass, so it looks smart for Juanita, Geoff and Ozzy, whom I'm picking up tomorrow morning.

Monday afternoon/night, we drove to Bromsgrove to pick Ian's latest toy, which he bought off eBay, mind you I'll enjoy playing on it too................and "no" it doesn't have a name.

Ian Say's, it's a classic 80's something or other!

The seats comfy!

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